Embracing the story to change the story

Seed House Project was born a year after the founders Garrett Underwood began doing homeless outreaches in the overpopulated area of Downtown Los Angeles known as Skid Row. He also worked as a Outreach Coordinator for the whole downtown los angeles region, the heart of homelessness. He would provide meals, and hygiene packages everyday as well as providing any services needed such as; retrieving DMV, Social Security card etc.  While serving the homeless community he began to notice that an alarming percentage of the people they served were teens or young adults. After meeting a USC student at one of their daily outreaches, they began to wonder where these kids were coming from, and how did they got there. After extensive research they found out that 30% of the homeless population came straight out of foster care, or they were abused youth running away from home. Right there Garrett realized that doing outreach wasn’t enough. They knew they were capable of doing more. Their primal focus changed from just aiding the homeless, to becoming effective in preventing these kids from becoming homeless in the first place. That’s when Seed House Project was created. Seed House Project is the solution to the root of the problem. Since the launch of Seed House they have already employed a selected amount of homeless youth, and are making continuous efforts to multiply that number monthly. By providing housing and opportunity it changes the individuals thinking to seeing the vision and grab on to hope thus making the transition into adulthood  smooth and long lasting.


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