Alexandria Love

Save A Penny Employee Sabrina

Hi My name is Alexandria Love I am 22 and I have been homeless since the age of 18 years old. When I turned 18 I did not have a job or any money to provide for my self so my family ended up kicking me out. I am also an incest survivor from the time I was in elementary to high school. I got into deep depression because of it.I got into a mental health facility where I was able to get help and was referred to Covenant house. I am now on the path to doing well and they are very helpful here in helping me in any possible way. 

What is one important lesson learned while transitioning into adulthood?

The most important thing I learned while transitioning into adult hood would be to have a plan set for yourself. No matter how or where you come from its never to late to get your life together you always have a chance to improve.

What are your goals for your adulthood?

Find a good job that can hopefully maintain me. Fine a nice place to live that is very affordable . By a nice car, create a beautiful family and be finically stable.